Continuous Flight Auger Piles (CFA)


CFA CFA piles, also known as augercast piles, are a type of bored pile that is achieved by drilling into the ground to design depth with a hollow stem auger and then pumping grout or concrete through the auger as it is slowly retracted. Reinforcing steel can be installed immediately after the auger is fully withdrawn, if required.


  • Suitable for most soil conditions, CFA piles are an ideal deep foundation solution for collapsible soils or where the presence of a high water table poses challenges to construction.
  • The hollow stem auger acts as a temporary casing during installation, eliminating the need for costly casing solutions that other foundation methods require.
  • CFA piles are ideal for secant and tangent pile wall applications as they offer higher productivity rates than alternative methods.
  • They can be installed with limited overhead room making them ideal for projects with large capacity requirements and restricted access.
  • The construction noise and vibration levels are low compared to other deep foundation techniques.

Pile Foundations - CFA


CFA Piles are a great deep foundations solution for new construction in commercial, industrial, and infrastructure projects. They are commonly used in areas that have deep, soft, overburden such as the southern US, but are suitable for a wide range of soil conditions. In Ontario, the technique is generally for use in deep alluvial deposits like those found in the Muskoka region.

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