Secant (Caisson Walls)

Secant/Caisson Wall

Secant/Caisson Wall Secant or Caisson Walls, also known as drilled concrete pile walls, are created by first drilling primary piles at a specific spacing and backfilling with concrete. Secondary piles, sometimes called soldier piles, are then drilled in between the primary piles such that they overlap by a specified amount, drilling out part of the concrete from the primary piles on each side before backfilling with concrete. The result is a continuous wall of concrete piles known as a Secant Wall. Additional reinforcement may be provided by inserting steel section or rebar cage within the secondary piles. Tie-back anchors and walers can be installed to provide added stability.


  • While secant walls can be more costly than other shoring solutions, they offer greater wall stiffness and minimal movement which can be critical for some projects.
  • Different installation methods can be used to achieve secant walls depending on site and ground conditions, enabling construction in difficult soils and limited overhead room.

West Harbour Go Station


In a recent condominium project in downtown Toronto, SBC used this technique to construct the foundation for an eight-story underground parking garage.

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