Jet Grouting

Jet Grouting

Jet Grouting

Jet (or Compaction) Grouting is a technique used to improve the subsurface condition by filling voids and stiffening the existing soil by injecting cementitious material under high pressure and flow rates. In special applications, this technique can be used to lift settled building floors. Jet Grouting is achieved by drilling with a special attachment that allows the operator to inject a stiff grout into the ground under at specified depths or along the entirety of the drilled shaft as the drill is extracted.

Bermingham recently won the Deep Foundation Institute’s innovation award for a special tool that both drilled and grouted in soft rock. In 2013, this tool enabled the strict schedule to be achieved on the highway tunnel under the Miami harbour.


  • Jet Grouting can be used to improve the load bearing capacity of underlying soils.
  • Settling foundations or structures can be rehabilitated at a fraction of the cost of rebuilding.

Special - Jet Grotuing


Jet Grouting can be used to stabilize existing foundations and structures or improve the load bearing capacity of existing soil strata. This technique can also be used to fill known cavities or establish an impervious barrier within a porous subsurface stratum at depth.