Soldier Pile & Lagging

Soldier Pile & Lagging

Soldier pile and Laging

One of the most economical shoring solutions available, the soldier pile and lagging method has been used globally for centuries and applied by SBC countless times in our 120 years of industry experience.

Soldier piles are typically driven steel piles that are installed at a specified horizontal spacing and to a design depth that provides the necessary resistance to overturning forces. Soldier piles are usually steel H-piles, but other driven sections can also be used as can bored or drilled concrete piles (Caissons). Lagging is most commonly formed by timbers that are installed between the soldier piles as the wall is excavated. Lagging can also be made from concrete or other material for permanent applications.


  • Soldier piles and lagging provide a cost-effective and quick-installation shoring solution.
  • Tie-backs and other bracing can be added to improve stability, if required.

Eglington LRT


This technique is often used to support existing structures or embankments during construction. It is commonly employed to facilitate staged construction in bridge replacement projects.

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