Helical Piles

Helical Piles

Helical Piles Helical piles are cylindrical steel shafts with a helical “screw” on the leading end that can be installed to resist compression or tension forces. Also known as screw piles, they are installed into the ground like a screw into wood. The size of the helix or screw is dependent on the soil characteristics and the required load capacity. During installation, torque measurements can be used along with subsurface information to calculate pile capacity. The shafts can be backfilled with grout for additional load capacity based on design requirements.


  • Helical pile installation produces minimal spoils which reduces cost, schedule and environmental impacts.
  • Installation produces minimal vibrations and disturbance to the adjacent environment.
  • SBC’s dedicated excavator-mounted helical pile rigs make quick work of any size project.

Pile Foundations - Helical Pile


Helical piles have a wide range of applications across all sectors. Applications include new support structures and reinforcement of existing foundations.

Our Helical Piles projects:
  • Screw Piles along a railway through a swamp in Aurora, Ontario