Bored Piles (Caissons)

Bored piles (Caissons)

Bored Piles, also known as drilled shafts, cast-in-place piles or caissons, are constructed by drilling and excavating a slender, cylindrical hole and backfilling it with reinforcing steel and concrete. Depending on the geotechnical conditions, a steel casing can be installed during drilling to hold back the sides of the excavation temporarily or permanently.


  • Caissons have a relatively large load bearing capacity. A single, large caisson can replace the need for several smaller piles and large pile caps.
  • Caissons can be installed in most soil types and can be drilled into sound bedrock.
  • Properties of excavated soils can be observed and compared to design data.
  • Caisson construction generates less noise and vibration than other deep foundation

Bored Piles (Caissons)

Pile Foundations - Bored Piles


Caissons are ideal for foundations that require a large bearing capacity and a small footprint. They are often used for high-rise buildings, arenas, bridge piers and electrical transmission towers.

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